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to our golf club

Founded in 1964 by a team of professional golf players our club is based in one of the most picturesque areas of the country and is ideal for family membership.

[trx_matches title=”Match Review” description=”We are very excited to go over this exceptional tournament that literally left the players and the crowd breathless!” title_next=”Next Matches” description_next=”Most golf matches are played on Sundays from 10 AM to approximately 2 PM ” cat=”0″]

Golf Field Review

unique construction

Extensive upgrades and thorough maintenance have made our courts a modern comfortable place for trainings

  • No daily water usage
  • Not affected by freezing weather
  • 3 Distinct tennis court surface speed-of-play options
  • Adjustable court speeds that are great for serves
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Club Membership

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Juniors must be less than 19 years old as at 1st January
Save $98 every year compared to the monthly plan by paying yearly.
Save $98 every year compared to the monthly plan by paying yearly.
Save $98 every year compared to the monthly plan by paying yearly.

Our Club Team

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